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Colorful Thread Spools

Introduction to

Nubian Chic Designs

The same sun that melts the wax is also capable of hardening clay   

- Nigerian Proverb

In 2016, Our founder and CEO, Atinuke Akiode traveled to Nigeria to bury her father. While mourning her loss, she discovered a second life in which would help honor her Nigerian culture and her love of Northern California -

Nubian Chic Designs. 

Each product is designed to celebrate the color, uniqueness, and beauty of Nigerian culture. The 100% Ankara cotton and designs are hand-selected by our CEO with the help of our staff in Nigeria before being imported to America.


Over the years, Nubian Chic Designs has expanded beyond apparel. We have developed travel bags, accessories, home decor and more. We understand that Ankara fabric is designed to tell a story. And; each fabric deserves their story to be told. We are here to bring life to the fashion world. Expand with tales spun into our fabric that are hand-sewn into your favorite products.  


We stand by our products because we know everything is made with you in mind. 

​When you support Nubian Chic Designs, you are supporting small businesses in both Nigeria and in Northern California. You are supporting a black-owned business. And we thank you for your support. 

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