How Nubian Chic Designs was conceived 

N.C.D. evolved after Atinuke Akiode graduated with her sociology Degree a year later, she lost her father to prostate cancer April, 2016. During her journey to Nigeria to lay her dearly beloved father to rest, she believes her father's death awakened another side of creativity in fashion. In the midst of much sorrow, miraculously an opportunity was presented to start designing African print clothing and accessories for women, men and children.  

Starting this unique apparel line has allowed her to hold on to piece of her father she envisions flourishing. With passion and motivation, She embarks on a mission  to share apart of her rich culture and heritage with the world through fashion. 


Nubian Chic Designs 

N.C.D. is a exclusive on-line boutique and pop up up shop, this stylish boutique carries the hottest authentic African print clothing with contemporary and traditional styles intertwined based in northern California. Most importantly our fabrics are imported from Nigeria and handmade here in Oakland California. Our mission is not only to help the economy in Nigeria by buying their beautiful textiles and fabrics, but to also inspire unity among all mankind and embrace the essence of beauty by adding these royal Afrocentric pieces to their wardrobe.

Our Uniqueness

N.C.D. specializes prints are  mostly bold and vibrant high quality Ankara fabric made in Nigeria. Ankara fabric is made out of 100% cotton and our textiles are unique and sets the tone in every and any setting. All items and styles are created with not only love but with passion.


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